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Meet Avery Thatcher – Former ICU Registered Nurse, 500 hr Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, NLP, CBT, ACT, DBT, EMDR, Mindfulness Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Somatic Release Practitioner, Erikson Hypnosis Practitioner, Art Therapy Facilitator, Tea Drinker and Super Nerd.


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Signature Topics:

Stress management and burnout recover is different for high achievers, especially when they also identify as being highly sensitive. Very quick to sabotage themselves with:

  • perfectionism (overt or covert)
  • inadequate energy management (throughout the four energy spheres: physical, mental, emotional, and fulfillment energy)
  • lack of legacy clarity (feeling unfulfilled in their work because they’re working on the “wrong” tasks)
  • taking on too much, not knowing how to manage their time or set effective boundaries that align with being an emotional person who cares deeply about how the boundary will affect the other person.

With this focus, Avery will share signs and symptoms of burnout, what it means to be a highly sensitive person, the strengths and downfalls of being a high-achiever, and how to redefine it, and finally how to recover from and prevent burnout from ever happening again.

Stress, Burnout and Trauma are buzzwords in the personal development and wellness space, which is good in that it’s increasing awareness, but potentially harmful as misinformation is spread.

Drawing from her knowledge as a Advanced Critical Care Nurse and the knowledge learned from all the research as a long-time super-nerd, Avery will provide accurate information that is easy for your audience to understand and apply to their own life so they can name their experience and know exactly what to do about it.

Productivity is something that high achievers are always looking for ways to hack or improve in an attempt to reach the peak performance space where they’re at their best. However, there are many strategies being taught that actually perpetuate the burnout culture in our fast-paced modern world.

In this talk, Avery will share the four keys to unlocking your productivity potential with actionable steps to help your audience start putting these keys into action right away.

Avery whole heartedly believes that we can’t fix a problem from the same mindset that created it. This is why she combines ancient Vedic and Taoist wisdom with modern science and research to show those in leadership how to create burnout resilient teams that are not only effective at their current role, but can look beyond and see solutions on a wider scale.

With this focus, Avery will share how modern capitalism, the generational gaps, technology, instant gratification culture, and more influence the increased rate of burnout we are experiencing, as well as practical tips for creating stronger workplaces that are free from burnout.

In this topic, Avery will share her real, raw, and vulnerable story of:

  • who she saw herself as while she identified as Heather
  • why it was so hard for her to figure out a way forward after she got sick
  • how she found the name Avery and why changing her name helped her feel at home in her body again
  • the things she still struggles with, and what she’s learned to let go of, in order to live a full life as a high achiever with a chronic illness and disability
  • how you can take steps to reclaim your own identity after significant personal loss and find meaning and purpose in your life again

Corporate or Event Speaking Packages:

Professional Keynote

10 to 60-minute Presentation with worksheets tailored to your organizations needs.

Half-Day Workshop

2 to 3-hour Interactive Workshop tailored to your organization including small group sessions, and individual support

Full-Day Workshop

6-hour Interactive Workshop tailored to your organization including small group sessions, and individual support

All corporate or non-profit speaking events include an 8 week follow up mini-course to help the attendees implement what was discussed in the keynote or workshop. Please email support@becomingavery.com for more information and a quote for your organization.

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