Meditative Energy Therapy Session

How to prepare for your session:

  1. Find a quiet place to be either to sit, lie down, or walk while you’re listening to the audio
  2. Bring a glass of water or some herbal tea to sip after the session
  3. Set an alarm for 30 minutes after your session is scheduled to begin (to wake you up if you fell asleep, or to lessen the desire to check your watch to make sure you don’t miss our Zoom time)
  4. Choose one of the audio options below and either just allow yourself to notice what’s coming up for you, or follow the instructions in the audio
  5. Once the session is over and your alarm has gone off, please take a drink of water and join me on the Zoom link sent to you via email. Feel free to bring a piece of paper and something to write with if you’d like to take notes, but know that you will receive a follow up email with everything from your session documented in it as well.

Guided Relaxation and Awareness Audio:

Music only: