Please choose your desired level of support

All packages include full access to the Flow State App including your own private client portal

30-Minute Sessions

Meet with Avery every other week for 30-minutes (two to three sessions per month). This is great for the person who is able to commit to watching some short videos and working through some exercises between sessions. 


60-Minute Sessions

Meet with Avery every other week for 60-minutes (two to three sessions per month). This works best for the person who doesn’t like to feel rushed, who would like more customized guidance, or would like to work on more personal concerns beyond the scope of the set programs.


Maintenance Level

One 60-minute Zoom call with Avery once a month to check-in on how you’re doing with the new habits and changes you’ve made, remind you of resources from the various programs that you have available to you, and provide new, customized strategies as needed.


After you complete the checkout page you will receive an email from Avery with a link to book your session (if you don’t already have the session booked). You will automatically be charged on the same day each month for your ongoing personalized support and can cancel at any time with 2 business days notice prior to your renewal date.