Everything you need to recover from burnout and take control of your life!

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Everything you need to know to recover from burnout and create new habits to prevent it from ever happening again!

  • Learn the top strategies for stress management, habits, and modern psychology to unlock your potential and become your best self
  • Discover which of your current habits are serving vs sabotaging you, and get step-by-step guidance to adjust those habit patterns
  • Understand how stress and anxiety is wired in our highly sensitive, high achieving brains and how to reprogram the anxiety cycle
  • 15-minute yoga classes, journaling prompts, mindfulness exercises, pranayama breathwork, mini-workshops, weekly high performance habits, and monthly art journaling classes 
  • Be a part of the private community of people who understand you, what it means to be highly sensitive, and what you’re going through as you recover from burnout

Get on the waitlist for my next group program

The Inner Stillness Outer Chaos group program opens once a year. Click the button below to sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know when it’s open for enrollment and get a special bonus 1:1 call exclusively for those who are on the waitlist.

In this 8 week evidence-based program you will discover:

  • your own unique self-sabotaging tendencies (awareness is always the first step)
  • the true role of your inner critic and how to heal your self-talk
  • how to rewrite your inner thought programs so you can increase your confidence, boost your boundaries, and chase your dreams without holding yourself back


Work with me one-on-one

Burnout Recovery and Prevention Coaching Program

Unlike other health and life coaches that meet with you once a week and say “what have you been up to?”, in my burnout recovery and prevention coaching program we follow a set, adaptable curriculum. This program was designed to help you learn how to effectively address your habits and stressors that have led to burnout in the first place as well as build in new habits, thought patterns, and a balanced mindset to go after anything you want in your life. 

Together we will have you redefine who you are, how you see yourself, how you determine your worth, and most of all – enjoy the process as you become your best self.

What to expect:

  • 3 months commitment from both of us to help you meet your goals

  • Access to the Flow State Membership to supplement our sessions

  • Individual coaching calls via zoom

  • Task assignments, videos and worksheets between sessions

  • WRAP planning to prevent setbacks from keeping you stuck