Learning How to Celebrate Yourself

It can be really difficult to celebrate ourselves, so here are a few prompts taken directly from the Creating Calm App to help you build this skill. You don’t have to answer all of the questions: choose one or two and that’s all you need to get started!

Remember, we’re looking to celebrate the effort – not just the outcome.

Celebration Prompts:

  1. What challenges did I face today, and how did I navigate through them?
  2. What difficult emotions did I experience, and how did I respond to them with compassion?
  3. What moments of growth or learning did I encounter today, and how did I embrace them?
  4. How did I show kindness or support to myself or others today?
  5. What accomplishments, big or small, did I achieve today?
  6. In what ways did I demonstrate courage or bravery in facing obstacles or fears?
  7. How did I prioritize self-care and well-being today?
  8. What moments of joy or gratitude did I experience, despite any challenges or setbacks?
  9. How did I practice patience and acceptance in moments of uncertainty or difficulty?
  10. What small victories or milestones did I reach today, and how can I celebrate them?
  11. How did I honor my boundaries and advocate for my needs today?
  12. What moments brought a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction, and how can I acknowledge and celebrate them?
  13. How did I demonstrate resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity?
  14. What strengths or qualities did I embody today, and how did they serve me in navigating through the day?
  15. How did I prioritize my values and align my actions with them today?

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