Puzzle Piece #3 - the Four Energy Spheres

Avery Thatcher highly sensitive high achiever

by Avery Thatcher

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Managing our energy is both simple and complex at the same time. The simple side is we have an abundance of energy and the complex side is where we are completely drained and operating in survival mode. 

One unit of four energy spheres

In the last blog, I talked about the stress curve and how when we are stressed we can feel burnout and lose our ability to be high-performing people. When we have the right balance of energy, it means we are capable of being productive without procrastinating, feeling frustrated with how little we’re accomplished, overwhelmed with all that we have to do, and having nothing left in the tank to give. 

As one unit, we actually have four different energy spheres. We have our physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy, and metaphysical energy. 

Physical Energy: 

  • Restorative restful sleep
  • Being active 
  • Eating well 
  • Checking in with your energy feels when asked to do something


Emotional Energy: 

  • Maintaining control of our emotions 
  • Not taking on other people’s energy 
  • Lacking emotions
  • Feeling drained without feeling tired 

Mental Energy: 

  • Decision fatigue 
  • The limited capacity for good decisions every day 

Mental energy is real, very real. It’s a well-researched phenomenon that everyone has a limited capacity every day for the number of good decisions that they can make. The number fluctuates from day to day, however, there is a finite amount. For example, President Obama always wore Navy suits, and his shirt and tie collection all work together and all worked well with Navy suits. This saved him mental space from making the decision of what to wear in the morning. Any country leader is under intense media scrutiny if something’s off. Even though our decisions may not be on the scale of a leader of a country, they are still important decisions that impact us, our life, and the people that we help.

Knowing what drains and restores our mental energy and building more mental stamina is essential for our higher achieving success, this more than any of the other ones is very key for high achievers. 

Metaphysical Energy: 

I encourage you to think about this energy sphere in the context of your contribution to the world, and how you’re making your corner of the world, a better place. This is the bigger picture kind of thing. Connecting with that clarity statement that we talked about in the previous blog in order to get an idea of the kind of metaphysical energy you want to have. I will discuss metaphysical energy in a future blog.

How do they work together?

Let’s look at how all of them interact with each other with a couple of examples. As you may or may not know I have a chronic illness and a disability. Energy management has become a primary focus of mine because my energy is so precious, and it really needs to be utilized very effectively. I do have an abundance of time, but not an abundance of energy. Some of my non-negotiables during the day include a walk with our dog, Takota, and this drains my physical energy but restores my mental and emotional energy.

When I record a podcast episode or write a blog, it drains physical, emotional, and mental energy, however, it restores my metaphysical energy, my connection to my purpose, mission, and drive. 

Do you see how those four energy spheres are really connected? If I want to optimize my productivity, then I have to make sure that I have the physical, emotional, and mental energy to work on the tasks to move me forward and to make sure the things that I’m working on are the things that only I can do.

Which energy sphere needs some TLC?

I’ve learned how to support myself in these things, by doing what I’m about to share with you around. Here is a free PDF guide that walks you through how to assess your own energy spheres.  It’s going to do is walk you through rating your energy and each of these four spheres. There’s no shame in whatever number you come up with for those it’s really just information that we’re going to use to create a plan moving forward. 

The reason why we have this is so that you have a resource to come back to when you recognize that you’re feeling low on energy. You could ask yourself, is this mental energy, physical energy, emotional, or metaphysical energy that I’m lacking? It is one of the things I can do in the next five minutes to help me restore just a little bit of that.

The next entry will be about time management. Let me know what your score was on my latest Instagram post and we can discuss how to improve one of those energy spheres you would like to focus on. 

From my heart to yours, Avery

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