Hey High Achiever, I see you ...

… wondering where all of your energy went.

… just barely keeping up with all of your responsibilities, and you don’t feel like yourself anymore. What’s worse is that other people are starting to notice, too.

… being pulled so many ways that it’s all you can do to make it home, eat something fast and then crash in front of the TV or scroll on your phone until it’s a “reasonable” time to go to sleep.

… either waking up during the middle of the night around 3:30 or 4 am – or managing to sleep through the night but waking up feeling even more exhausted than you did the day before (and you’re wondering how that’s even possible).

… finding yourself wishing for the world to stop for 2 weeks just so you could catch up!

… tired of registering for yoga classes you know you won’t have to energy for, or loading up your fridge with healthy food you know will just go bad because you won’t have the energy to cook it.

I see you wanting to feel like yourself again – but not knowing where to start.

The Flow State Framework will help you find calm in the chaos, feel in control of your energy and to-do list, and feel connected to yourself again

Phase 1 - Recover

Before we can start shifting habits and doing the deeper work, we have to get some of your energy back. The small changes we make in this phase will fit seamlessly into your day while also creating more energy, having you feel more empowered, and show you how to build some foundational systems that you’ll need when you’re ready to prevent the burnout experience from ever coming back.

Phase 2 - Optimize

Now that you have a bit more energy, it’s time to make your life easier! In this phase we focus on creating systems, building in automatic habits, and creating routines that optimize your energy, focus, motivation and productivity. By the end of this program you’ll feel like the super human version of your best self!

Phase 3 - Elevate

Now that we have your external reality optimized it’s time to work on your internal systems and habits…you know, that unbalanced people pleaser, the nasty negative self-talk, and the impostor syndrome that leaves you doubting yourself every step of the way. In a few short weeks you will be back in control of the conversation that goes on in your brain, negative self-talk will no longer stop you, and impostor syndrome or taking things personally will be a thing of the past.

~ 500 hr RYT, NLP, MBSR, Mindfulness Instructor, Art Therapy Facilitator, Jnana Yoga Student, Tea Drinker and former ICU RN. ~

I was an ICU RN for many years and what I noticed was that the majority of reasons adults found themselves in the ICU were because of illnesses and diseases that could be linked to chronic stress. I decided to get out of the reactive side of medicine in 2015 and started helping highly-sensitive, high-achievers reverse the negative health effects of stress.

At the end of 2018 I was coming off the night shift and when I was giving report to my charge nurse she said “Oh my goodness, you don’t look well. Go home, rest up, I’ll mark you down as sick for your next shift. Feel better.”

I went home and slept for 20 hours. And then I slept for 20 hours the next day, and the day after that. Fast forward 10 months and I am now the proud owner of a chronic illness and disability as a result of an epic burnout experience.

To say I was frustrated is an understatement!

I thought I was doing everything right!

I was meditating regularly, practicing yoga every day, journaling, eating well, exercising, being mindful, prioritizing sleep – everything the research says I should be doing – and yet I still burnt out! What the heck?

So I dove back into the research, looked more carefully at my own habits and beliefs and found the missing pieces of the puzzle to truly prevent burnout.

Ready to get things rolling? Choose your own adventure to begin:

Listen to the Inner Stillness Outer Chaos Podcast

Looking for stillness in the chaos of your day-to-day life? This podcast combines ancient Vedic and Taoist wisdom with the latest research to meet in the middle and find a focused calm in our fast-paced modern world. Each episode contains real, raw and vulnerable stories of my life, along with tips, tricks and strategies that you can start implementing right away.

Listen to the Truth About Burnout Podcast

Burnout has become a trendy word online which is both good and bad: good in that more people are learning about what it means and how to prevent it, but potentially problematic in that there’s a lot of misinformation being shared. On this podcast we talk about the REAL truth about burnout, what causes it, what to look out for, and of course how to recover from it and prevent it from happening again.

The Flow State App

“I’m loving this app and what you’re offering! The 15-minute yoga classes, guided meditations and personal development exercises are exactly what I need when I’m feeling stressed out. Not only do I have help staying accountable to what I know I should be doing, all of the activities actually seem achievable, which makes a big difference when I feel like I’m failing at life.”

Dr. Lana Mercier – Family Doctor and current member

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